Meaning of Color

Cornflower BlueBlue is sincere, reserved and quiet, and do not like to make a big deal out of things or attract too much attention. Blue hates confrontation and likes to do things its own way. From a color psychology perspective, the blue color is reliable and responsible and radiates security and trust. You can be sure that the color blue can take control and do the right thing in difficult situations. The blue color needs order and planning in its life, including the way it lives and works.

Red wine redThe color red indicates strength and perseverance. It can improve the self-confidence of those who are shy or are in lack of willpower. The red color signals physical movement and gives us vitality. It is the color of sexuality and it can stimulate deep and intimate passion. Love and sex on the positive side, or revenge and anger on the negative side.

Tangerine OrangeIn color psychology, the color orange is optimistic and uplifting – it lifts our spirits. In fact, orange is so optimistic and uplifting, that we all should find ways to implement it in our daily lives. Using an orange colored pencil or a pen may be enough. The color orange adds spontaneity and a positive way of looking at life..